Selling your home in Santa Fe.

Marketing and pricing strategies are the critical components to selling your home. Focusing on the correct price and strategically marketing home benefits by leveraging outside internet and local resources is how Santa Fe's best real estate team exceeds your home selling goals. Whether it be selling land in Santa Fe, new construction, or a rustic downtown Santa Fe Adobe, Red or Green Properties will be here to support you every step of the way.

Buying your home in Santa Fe

Santa Fe's top real estate team Red or Green Properties with Leyba Real Estate LLC have unfailingly attained lower than the market average of listed price to final sales price for their buyers averaging under 8%. Jerome and Chantell's market knowledge and negotiating skills help them succeed where other Santa Fe agents fail. Having the local relationships to find the proper houses for our Santa Fe clients Brokering deals with skillful negotiations to support our client's best interests.  Setting realistic sales goals and expectations for buyers in the Santa Fe housing market.

How to Price your Santa Fe home

Once a house goes on the market, statistically, several things will start to take place: How it is priced will be the key variable on how quickly it moves. Starting higher doesn’t always mean finishing higher. See the graph below.

real estate sale buyers by pricehome sale price by time on market