Red or Green?... Christmas!

red and green chilesWe have had people ask, what does Red or Green mean? Chantell and I are were born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we grew up working in the tourism and restaurant industry.

Chantell worked at the Hotel Santa Fe, and would continuously hear from tourist visiting Santa Fe, do you prefer New Mexican red or green chili?  The answer was always the same; Christmas!

Chantell believes that the chili you eat all depends on the meal you’re making. With traditional New Mexican entrees, chili is a staple, its great in a breakfast burrito, chicken sandwich, or a cheeseburger.

Jerome worked at Tortilla Flats in Santa Fe, New Mexico while he was in college. While waiting tables the question Jerome would asked was; do you like red or green chili with your meal?  When out of state patrons would come in, they would always have to ask what that meant, and Jerome would clarify the choice was for what type of chili would you like?

Patrons would ask Jerome what is favorite was and his answer would be the same. It depends...... Breakfast with eggs, green, a burrito, red, a quesadilla, green, a stuffed sopapilla with ground beef, the choice would be red. Dinner chicken enchiladas, green chili, but on Carne adovada burrito for dinner, red. The choices are endless!

Chantell’s favorite meal… Frito pies= red or green chili, beans, Fritos, cheese and garnish, you can make a vegetation chili or add ground beef, turkey or chicken if you prefer.

Jerome’s favorite meal.. Stuffed sopapilla, with beans and ground beef, a fried egg on top, smothered in chili and cheese.

Tortilla Flats is one of our favorite restaurants in Santa Fe, here's what they say about red or green:


Some More Fun Facts About Chili:

  • Chili is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • The warming effect of chili makes it useful in topically applied pain relievers
  • Many birds are immune to the hot in chili and will eat the nutritious seeds


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