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Greetings Luxury Home Buyers,

As a Santa Fe Real Estate Agent, I am excited to share the current state of the market in Santa Fe with you. Santa Fe is a beautiful and historic city which is why it has become a popular destination for homebuyers seeking luxury living. The unique blend of culture, art, and stunning natural landscapes set this city apart from other metropolitan areas in the United States.

In recent times, the real estate market in Santa Fe has been favorable for luxury buyers. Despite the pandemic, the market is still buoyant and has seen a steady rise in activity. The average sales price for luxury homes is currently around $2 million and the local market is relatively stable.

Santa Fe boasts a vibrant luxury real estate…

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As a realtor in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I cannot stress enough how important home staging is to the selling process. With the market in such high demand, buyers can be very critical when it comes to the condition and appearance of homes. That's why it's essential to make a great first impression with potential buyers, and home staging can help you achieve that.

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale by enhancing its features and highlighting its best assets. This includes decluttering, depersonalizing, and rearranging furniture to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that appeals to a wide range of buyers.

One of the most significant benefits of home staging is its ability to help your home stand out from the competition. By…

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Christmas at the Santa Fe Plaza

If you're seeking a new home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, it's essential to arm yourself with knowledge so that you can make the best decisions possible. Here are the top ten things to consider when purchasing a home in Santa Fe:


1. Location: Determine what area of Santa Fe you want to live in. Do you want to be close to the downtown area or in a quieter neighborhood?


2. Home type: Do you prefer a single-family home, townhome, or condo? Each has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your lifestyle and preferences.


3. Budget: Determine how much money you can afford to spend on a home. It is best to pre-qualify for a loan before home shopping.


4. Home condition: Consider purchasing a home inspection before buying.…

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New construction home in la Pradera Santa Fe

Purchasing a new construction home in Santa Fe, New Mexico can be an exciting and daunting experience at the same time. With so many things to consider, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the process. One essential step you don't want to overlook is hiring a realtor.


A realtor is a licensed professional who specializes in buying and selling properties. They can help guide you through the home-buying process and assist you in finding your dream home. Here are some benefits of using a realtor when purchasing a new construction home in Santa

New Construction Pulte Home In Santa Fe New Mexico 


Access to Exclusive Information

Realtors have access to exclusive information that can be…

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Las Campanas is a luxurious private gated community situated in the Santa Fe region of New Mexico. It is an ideal place for affluent retirees, second homeowners, or anyone looking to be surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Southwest. The name 'Las Campanas' is Spanish for 'the bells,' which pays homage to the rich cultural history of the region.


One of the most compelling aspects of Las Campanas is its breathtaking views. The community is located on 4,700 acres of rolling hills, high desert landscape, and picturesque mountain ranges. There are endless opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities, and residents can relish the unmatched vistas of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the Jemez Mountains, and the Ortiz Mountains. The…

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Just wanted to share some interesting information as the rates fluctuate and the housing market normalizes. Some interesting factors to take into consideration. There has been an increase in inventory of 10-12%. This also aligns with the days on market. Which is what we would expect to see with the rise of interest rates. The days on market have also increased over 100%. These are averaging around 40 days. So take that into consideration, it’s more of what we would see in a normal market. We have also seen increasing prices of 15%. So this tells us there’s an opportunity for sellers and buyers to potentially capitalize. There are always micromarkets within the market, some areas yield higher prices and still get multiple offers, while other neighborhoods…

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Thinking about purchasing a home in Santa Fe New Mexico? Wondering how the short term rental process works? Here’s some great details to know. First and foremost, it is possible to only property in Santa Fe and run it as a short term rental. With that being said, there are many caveats to have to be taken into consideration. Many neighborhoods allow for short term rentals in town. Adhering to local covenants, restrictions, and neighborhood associations is a key aspect for ensuring that the home you pick will allow you short term rental opportunities. There are a limited amount permits that are allotted in the city of Santa Fe. So no in the amount that are currently active and potential availabilities is imperative for success. 
There are also…

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As we come into the final week of the new year we have seen an adjustment in the rates, but no hint of a decrease in pricing. This could be chalked up to the lack of inventory. I have been telling clients we normally complain when there is 400- 500 homes on the market. Closing out the Week of the 27th we are down to to 159 homes, which is an increase of more then 10% from last weeks home inventory. It is also important to keep in mind this report takes the entire Santa Fe County into consideration. So we are including a lot of the surrounding Santa Fe areas.

Another key factor to take into consideration is the median sales price which came in higher then the average, at $612,500. This tells us the majority of the sales were on the higher side of…

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Hello Everyone, this is Jerome Leyba with Red and Green Properties, and we are asking for your help in Santa Fe. The New Del Norte Boys and girls club will be hosting the First Annual Gift Drive. The gift drive will be held through December 20th, and donations will be accepted at the new teen center at Santa Fe Place Mall from 11:00 AM-8:00 PM. Clothing, outdoor wear, shoes, electronics are all acceptable items.

Help our teens enjoy the holidays! 


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Another solid week in the Santa Fe real estate market. With a median price point staying strong at 550,000, we see a consistent price pattern for homes in Santa Fe. The inventory is still shallow in comparison to earlier months. Santa Fe county's total homes are trending around 226 total properties available for sale. A total of 46 homes were sold this week. This has been relatively consistent, showing a 20 to 25% return on new market updates, and property is also coming off the market. With talks of interest rates going up, there is still an opportunity to lock in solid interest rates of around 3%. Shorter termed loans are offering rates even lower in the 2 to 2 1/2% range. With the low inventory, there are opportunities for sellers to capitalize. As…

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